FIRST TIMERS ONLY: Walmart Secret Shoppers.
Retail Secret Shopper in conjunction with Customers Service Experts (CSE) have a Secret Shopping assignment in and around your Zip-Code for ONLY FIRST TIMERS. You can evaluate any Walmart Store in your area. ® If accepted, you will be paid to confidentially survey the services they offer and score your overall experience. The survey will take 30 minutes to complete and you will earn $700 for your participation. It is fun and rewarding and you choose when and where you want to shop. There is NO charges to become a shopper, NO Sign-up fees and NO prior experience required. IF INTERESTED; you will have access to training materials via e-mail, fax or Postal Mail. You will be required to interact with a Walmart Store Attendant, Cashier or Customer Service Representative. You may conduct your assignment alone or as a couple, we offer to pay you $700.00 or more per full evaluation duty (completed as instructed) and you can have up to Four (4) assignments in a month. Kindly fill the Application Form below and we will get back to you shortly with your first assignment IF you are accepted to participate in this Walmart Service Evaluation. Funding for your exercise would be provided via a Certified/Cashiers Check so you MUST have a bank account to process the payment, DO NOT Fill this form if you don't have A Bank Account to process the Cashiers Check Payment or if you have been part of this exercise before, this recruitment focuses on ONLY FIRST TIMERS. You will take the cash and shop at the nearest Walmart Store in and around your Zip-Code. The funds have been calculated to cover all aspects of this survey. You will be paid a commission of $700 per assignment.

NOTE: Ensure that all the fields below are correctly filled, NO POSTAL ADDRESS, NO P.O.BOX, Those will be disqualified, fill in your physical home address for envelope to be delivered to your doorstep. Fill in: (NAME, ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE, CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS AND CONTACT PHONE NUMBER) so your Application can be VERIFIED and APPROVED.
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